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Earlier this week, our little Cahira had a follow-up vet visit. Her radiographs revealed she has a lot more going on than we initially thought and it doesn't look good. Her care is beyond what our primary vet can handle and she will need a vet visit at a specialty animal hospital to determine the next steps. Her heart is enlarged and in the wrong place, her ribs are misshapen, and her lungs are not functioning correctly. 


Cahira has come such a long way. It's a miracle she is still with us today and we want to continue to do everything we can to give her the future she so deserves, but her care— especially now that we may have to explore uncharted new procedures specific to her case—will be expensive.


We are seeking special angel sponsors to ensure Cahira gets the care she needs. Our Spayathon focuses on crucial medical needs and at the moment the critical need for Cahira is urgent medical intervention so she can live. If you choose to sponsor her care you will receive special updates on her progress and our immense gratitude for allowing us to move forward in the best way possible for her. 

Cahira Medical Sponsor

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