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Felines + Yoga = pure bliss

Yoga is good for your health, and playing with cats is good for your health too. So why not do both? Enjoy a forty-five-minute all-level yoga session led by an experienced instructor while kittens play around (and maybe on) you! This is a small group class for all levels. Please bring your own yoga mat. 


$30 per person. Proceeds benefit Paws and Claws Cat Rescue and pay for medical care for our rescue cats. This class will take place at the Paws and Claws Cat Adoption Center in Evanston, 829 Chicago Ave, Evanston. 


Join us for some cat yoga relaxation. Spots will go quickly so register below now!


No upcoming dates. Join our waitlist below to be notified when new classes open up.

Join our waitlist to be notified when our next kitten yoga classes open up! 


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