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Three Cats Find Safe Haven After Hoarding Situation

On February 1, we received three cats from one of our partner shelters, which had taken in 110 cats from a hoarding case in a Chicago suburb. All 110 of these cats were under 3 years old.

Often, hoarding situations start when two unaltered cats begin to have kittens and it spirals out of control. They keep reproducing until someone intervenes. We believe this is what happened in this case.

Hippo, Rhino, and Hyena needed time to adjust to their new surroundings after leaving a highly stressful environment. Hyena is now waiting for an adopter at the adoption center, while Hippo and Rhino still reside with one of our foster families.

For many cats that arrive at Paws and Claws, it's their first time with stability. We understand they need extra time to adjust to their new lives. Initially, they were skittish and it took time for them to regain trust in people.

Hyena enjoys lounging around the shelter and gets along well with all the other cats in the adoptables room. Hippo and Rhino are inseparable, always found cuddled together.

Become a Paw Print Club member today and help us continue to rescue more cats like Hippo, Rhino, and Hyena. Every time we rescue, treat, and rehome a cat, you’ll know that you've had a hand in their journey, making our membership program a truly life-affirming experience.


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