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  • What is Paws and Claws Cat Rescue?
    Paws and Claws is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foster centric rescue with a facility in Evanston, IL that works to give vulnerable felines a second chance. We also start discussions and bring awareness to humane education especially concerning TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) increasing the save rate in the United States and promoting healthy ownership.
  • Where do most of your cats come from?
    Most of our animals come from open-admission animal control facilities that have high euthanasia rates because they are required to accept every animal who is brought to them regardless of if they have space. We focus heavily on cats who are more likely to be overlooked. Additionally, we take in kittens and their feral mothers until the kittens are weaned and the mothers can be spayed and returned to their outdoor homes; neonatal kittens without mothers; and, kittens who are weaned.
  • Do you accept owner surrenders?
    Paws and Claws Cat Rescue does not accept owner surrenders. We will ALWAYS take back cats adopted from us if their adopter can no longer care for them, but we do not accept owner surrenders unless they are adoption returns. IF YOU ADOPTED FROM PAWS AND CLAWS AND NEED TO RETURN YOUR ANIMAL WE WILL TAKE THEM BACK NO QUESTIONS ASKED. PLEASE EMAIL US WITH "RETURN OF PAWS AND CLAWS ANIMAL" IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Our primary focus is on transferring animals from municipal shelters where they are at risk. If you are looking to surrender a pet please see "Rehoming Your Pet". We would be happy to have a conversation with you about possible resources and solutions to keep your pet or help find other alternatives before surrender to another shelter.
  • What are your adoption fees?
    Kitten $175 Cat $150
  • What do I do if I find kittens outside?
    If you find kittens outside the first thing to do is determine if they are orphans. Most of the time kittens have been left for a short period of time while mama goes to find food. Chances are she is watching and waiting for YOU to leave before returning. If the kittens look clean, round and full and are not excessively crying mama will be back shortly. If you believe they are without a mother, leave food out or try the flour trick, surround kittens with a thick ring of flour. Return to the area in a couple hours and check to see if there are prints in the flour or if the food is gone. If you determine the kittens are indeed orphans you will need to work quickly. Visit: everything you will need to know about caring for a orphaned neonatal kitten. We would be happy to walk you through bottle feeding and everything else neonatal kitten!
  • What kind of medical care is provided to the cats prior to adoption?
    All of our cats receive dewormer, age appropriate vaccines, are spayed/neutered, microchipped and FeLV tested.
  • What happens if I adopt and it doesn’t work out?
    If for whatever reason the adoption doesn’t work we will take the animal back into our care. We ask all adopters to return adopted animals to Paws and Claws Rescue if need be.
  • How can I get involved?
    There are a number of ways that you can help us. Visit our volunteer page. One great easy way to help us is by simply spreading the word. You can share our story, website or other social media with friends and family or on your own social platforms.
  • What is my donation going to support?
    Thank you for donating! Every dollar of all donations goes directly towards the animals care. Most of our expenses are medical costs so chances are you helped us get an animal the medical care they need! Food and other supplies, such as litter (we go through lots of this), neonatal bottles and formula, cleaning supplies etc are where the rest of donations go. We couldn’t do this without you!
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