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From Stray to Safety: The Journey of Smilodon

In early November, Smilodon was rescued from a forest preserve in a local suburb. She was malnourished and in rough shape, with ticks and fleas covering her entire body. She had matted fur, large wounds on her back, and an abscess under her tail.

We had no idea how bad she was until we got her and took her out of the carrier. She was one of the most malnourished cats we have ever seen. You could feel every single bone in her body.

After being brought into our care, she received a much-needed bath and haircut, and we started her on supportive care. She was given subcutaneous fluid and medication right away.

The support from Paw Print Club allowed us to take her to a veterinarian for a procedure to drain the abscess under her tail and care for the wounds on her back. 

She's been on the road to recovery ever since. She's gained at least three pounds since we first took her in, she's doing really well! 

We don't know much about Smilodon's life for the past two years or how she came to be in the forest preserve. However, what we do know is that she's currently happy and healthy, and will be heading home with her forever family soon. 

Become a Paw Print Club member today and help us continue to rescue more cats like Smilodon. 

Our adoption application and more information on cats like Smilodon can be found on our website.


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