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Cahira’s Warrior Strength Prevails

Cahira has been navigating medical challenges since before she was even born, but she hasn't let it dampen her spirit.

Her mother, Sumi, was very sick when she was carrying Cahira and her four siblings, causing them to be born with congenital birth defects. Although Sumi was able to safely give birth to five kittens, Cahira and her brother Clancy were the only two to make it. Sumi has since been adopted into a loving family after recovering from her illness.

Cahira, a name of Irish origin meaning "woman warrior," was the runt of the litter. She has only one functioning lung, her airways are undersized, and she was born with a single functioning eye. Yet, she has adapted to all the obstacles put in her path.

“We were sure she wasn't going to survive,” Executive Director Ashlynn Boyce said. “And here she is, six months later, she's definitely a little miracle.”

The support from Paw Print Club has enabled Cahira to visit a specialist multiple times for her breathing issues. She even underwent a procedure to search for a possible polyp or obstruction that could have been affecting her breathing, but they weren’t able to find anything.

Her respiratory issues will likely continue for her entire life, but she has adapted to them. She happily lives in a foster home with her brother Clancy, eats specific food that allows her to eat and breathe simultaneously and has adjusted playtime to avoid straining her one functional lung.

“We're constantly evaluating her quality of life,” Boyce said. “We don't know what life will look like as she gets bigger. It might become more challenging. We will care for her for as long as she needs us even if that means she lives with us for the rest of her life.”

Paw Print Club has allowed Paws and Claws to continue caring for Cahira, despite all odds being against her.


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