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Welcoming Kitten Season With Six Kitten Families

Paws and Claws Cat Rescue is currently housing six different families of kittens. Some have been fortunate to arrive in our care accompanied by their mothers, while others have had a more challenging start to life, coming to us as orphans.

Our foster caregivers, who are profoundly dedicated and have the time to nurture these young families, play a crucial role in our mission. This role becomes particularly vital when caring for the orphaned neonatal kittens. These vulnerable kittens require bottle feeding every two hours, mirroring the natural feeding schedule they would have experienced with their mothers.

This is a demanding and time-consuming responsibility, one that unfortunately many shelters lack the resources to fulfill. Consequently, orphaned neonatal kittens often face a higher risk of euthanasia in municipal shelters, due to the intense level of commitment required to raise them.

Another challenge that kittens face in shelters is their heightened susceptibility to illnesses because of their still-developing immune systems. Moreover, the stress that mother cats experience within the shelter environment can adversely impact their capacity to provide adequate care for their babies.

Understanding these challenges underscores why our mission to provide a safe haven for mother cats and their offspring is so critical. By offering them a secure and nurturing environment, we give them a fighting chance at life.

Once the weaning process is finished, all the cats will be neutered or spayed. They will then be matched with loving families, transitioning to their forever homes where they will be cherished and loved!

We wouldn’t be able to continue our work without Paw Print Club’s support. Become a Paw Print Club member today and help us continue to rescue more homeless feline families. Every time we rescue, treat, and rehome a cat, you’ll know that you've had a hand in their journey, making our membership program a truly life-affirming experience.


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