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Three Littermates Cross State Lines to Escape Euthanasia

Molly, Mason, and Susie, a year and a half old littermates, were brought to Paws and Claws from an animal shelter located over 100 miles away in Indiana.

The trio was surrendered to the Indiana shelter together and were at risk for euthanasia there. Finding a forever home for a bonded pair can be challenging, let alone three bonded cats. However, Paws and Claws was determined to take on this challenge.

We take in vulnerable animals thanks to Paw Print Club because we know we have their support and that whatever happens, whatever medical challenges they have, we’re able to support them.

These affectionate siblings have made Paws and Claws their home for the past few months. Their days are filled with playing with toys, cuddling together, and sunbathing on the windowsill. Although Molly is the shyest among them, her siblings always include her in their activities.

Paws and Claws can provide care for cats like Molly, Mason, and Susie, thanks to Paw Print Club. This monthly donation program allows the community to support our life-changing work. The growth of our membership base enables us to help vulnerable cats like these siblings.

Just like any other membership, being a part of the Paw Print Club comes with its own set of benefits. Paw Print Club leaves you with an enduring sense of fulfillment, knowing that your contributions have played a crucial role in saving lives. Every time we rescue, treat and rehome a cat, you’ll know that you've had a hand in their journey, making your membership a truly life-affirming experience.

Come visit the trio at 829 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60202, during our opening hours, or submit an adoption application.


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