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Seasons of Love: Mom ‘Winter’ and Kitten ‘Spring’ Find Forever Home Together

Winter and Spring, a mom and kitten duo, were brought to us from Indiana. The mom, Winter, is two years old and her kitten Spring is six months old. We believe they were strays before coming to us due to the condition they were in.

It’s rare to have the opportunity to keep a mom and kitten together. Once we saw how bonded they were, we knew we had to get them adopted as a pair. We’ll always do right by our cats by keeping our bonded pairs together, even if it’ll extend their stay with us.

We knowingly take in cats that are difficult to find adopters for. Because of the unwavering support from Paw Print Club, we’re able to give cats like Winter and Spring a fighting chance.

They were with us for several months when the perfect adopter came around to adopt them. He was excited that Winter was already outgoing and affectionate, while Spring was still shy. We’re certain that with stability, Spring will be just as loving as her mother.

We’re grateful that our adopters are willing to give our more timid felines a chance, especially when it comes to bonded pairs.

Become a Paw Print Club member today and help us continue to rescue more bonded duos like Winter and Spring. Every time we rescue, treat, and rehome a cat, you’ll know that you've had a hand in their journey, making our membership program a truly life-affirming experience.


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