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From Feral to Friendly: Kindred's Unexpected Journey

Kindred came to us—on accident—on March 11. We were told by one of our partner shelters that they were sending us a cat who was, firstly, male, and secondly, socialized and friendly.

However, fate had other plans. Instead of that cat, we were unexpectedly introduced to Kindred. We have nothing against taking in ‘spicer’ cats— in fact, we LOVE them—but weren’t prepared for a very sassy and upset cat to pop out of the carrier. There are precautions we take when we handle under-socialized cats.

When Kindred first arrived, she was in a state of sheer terror, ready to fight at a moment's notice. Either she was feral or was absolutely terrified because she was not happy about being here and being around people.

We made numerous attempts to comfort her, spending time on the floor and trying to pet her with an extended scratcher, but to no avail. Her response was always the same - hissing and yelling. That’s when we knew that there had been a cat mix up. We weren’t able to scan for a microchip for the longest time to confirm our theory.

Aware of the fact that Kindred was more than what our foster volunteers could handle, Ashlynn, our Executive Director, decided to take Kindred home and foster her herself. She provided Kindred with the time and space she needed to adjust and, over time, Kindred began to let her guard down and open up.

Fast forward to 43 days later, Kinny, as we lovingly call her, has now moved into the adoption center! She's still a bit shy and timid, but she's made significant progress. She now allows new people to pet her and doesn't hiss at them. She also seems to be comfortable in the company of the other cats!

Kinny has blossomed into a sweet, loving cat and it's apparent that for the first time in her life, she doesn't have to always be in fight or flight mode. The change she's undergone in her short time with us has been truly remarkable.

We wouldn’t be able to continue our work without Paw Print Club’s support. Become a Paw Print Club member today and help us continue to rescue more at-risk cats like Kindred. 

We're immensely grateful for the unexpected mix-up that brought Kinny to us, and we're thrilled to have been given the opportunity to provide her with a fresh start and a new lease on life!

Make a reservation to visit Kinny at 829 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60202. Adoption forms for her are available online.


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