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Camden: A Sight for Sore Eyes

In early August, Camden was rescued from being one of the thousands of cats euthanized annually in Illinois, with just five minutes to spare.

Camden, also known as "Cam," arrived at Paws and Claws with swollen, infected eyes and an upper respiratory infection. He received consistent supportive care, including eye drops, multiple doses of medication daily, and warm compresses for his eyes.

“He slowly started to improve and he started to actually have a bit of vision,” Executive Director Ashlynn Boyce said. “And we could actually see that he did indeed have eyeballs!”

About a week and a half into his medical journey, he began to display symptoms consistent with ringworm. Little did we know, his 6-week long ringworm treatment would pave the way for him to meet his companion, Noodle.

After undergoing their ringworm treatment, they were spayed and neutered. However, both tested positive for feline leukemia, a lifelong virus that weakens a cat's immune system.

Without the members of the Paw Print Club, we wouldn't be able to save and provide the specialized and high care needed to rehabilitate Cam and Noodle. The Paw Print Club is our monthly donation program that enables the community to contribute to the life-changing work that Paws and Claws does.

Cam and Noodle, both five months old, are currently in a foster home awaiting their forever family. Their FeLV positive status requires them to be in a home with other FeLV positive cats; however, they can live with dogs since the virus is not transmissible to them. They've already befriended the senior dogs in their foster home!

“The members who give monthly allowed us to not only just say ‘yes’ to him, but to provide treatment for his eyes, for the ringworm, and then also to continue supportive care for anything that arises from his weakened immune system due to feline leukemia until he's adopted,” Boyce said.

Become a Paw Print Club member today and help Paws and Claws continue to rescue more cats like Cam.

Our adoption application and more information on Cam and Noodle are available online.


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