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Meet Theo & Simon

Age: 1.5 years

Sex: M & M

Pair: Bonded 

Adoption fee: $150/each

Theo (grey tabby) and Simon (brown tabby) are so eager to be loved! They adore attention from all of our volunteers and Theo is first to greet anyone who stops by. While shy at first, Simon now rolls over to show us his belly and purrs with happiness when pet.

Theo and Simon are FeLV+ but are currently in good health and we hope have a long future ahead of them. Have questions about FeLV? Reach out and we would love to chat with you! FeLV is not contagious to people or other species. They will need to live in a home without other cats or with cats who are also FeLV+

Theo and Simon have great litter box habits, love mealtime and are so ready to find a home. They made the long journey from sunny Louisiana to safety in Evanston and are ready to find a home in the Chicagoland area. They are ten months old.

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