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Meet Tchaikovsky

Age: 6 months

Sex: F

Pair: Individual 

Adoption fee: $175

Hello, humans! My name is Tchaikovsky, but you can call me Chai! I’m energetic, just like “Chai tea.” You might want to make yourself some to keep up with me! When I’m not snuggling up with you in the morning, you can find me playing with cat toys and exploring your house. After all, one of us needs to be on the lookout for new adventures. Speaking of adventures, I just discovered that rolling around in the empty bathtub is one of my new favorite things to do! I recommend you try it sometime. It’s really fun.

I’m the kind of “Chia Pet” you can interact and snuggle with! No seeds or planters required to grow my affection for you! I’m really social and outgoing. I may not be the composer that my name, Tchaikovsky, is based on, BUT I’ll make some music better for you than the Nutcracker! Also, you’ll have me all year round and don’t have to leave your house to enjoy sweet melodies made by Tchaikovsky! I love to be petted. You can even pick me up, if you’d like! I also love to hang out with other cats so your best friends will easily become my best friends too! Playtime is more fun when you can share it with another pawmate, after all.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Let’s hang out and play soon! I can’t wait to show you the music I’ve been composing just for you.

Paws and Purrs,
Tchaikovsky, your future pawsome meowmate

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