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Meet Queso

Age: 3 years

Sex: F

Pair: Individual 

Adoption fee: $150

Allow me to introduce you to Queso, a charming and enchanting young long-haired female cat who will capture your heart with her irresistible charm. This majestic feline beauty is adorned with a luxurious coat of long, flowing fur, making her a sight to behold. With a penchant for relaxation, she loves nothing more than curling up in your lap and gazing out the window at the mesmerizing birds fluttering by. As she sits there, her beautiful green eyes sparkle with curiosity and wonder. 

A true purr machine, this delightful feline companion will fill your days with the soothing melody of her contentment. She has a playful spirit that shines through in her every move. Whether chasing after a toy or pouncing on a feather, she finds joy in every game she plays. 

One of her irresistibly adorable quirks is her habit of sticking her tongue out, adding a touch of whimsy to her already captivating presence. It's impossible to resist smiling when you see her little pink tongue peeking out. 

If you're searching for a beautiful and playful companion who will fill your days with joy, laughter, and endless love, this young long-haired female cat is eagerly awaiting a loving forever home. Adopting her will not only bring immense happiness into your life but also grant her the opportunity to share her affection and unique charm with a caring family.

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