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Meet Penny

Age: 3 years

Sex: F

Pair: Individual 

Adoption fee: $150

Beneath her shy and timid exterior, she's an independent young lady searching for a tranquil home. And just like Penny's foster mom, you won't be able to resist Penny's cuteness-her "little chirping meow and how she "plays with her toys and dances around. Penny keeps herself busy with a daily to-do list. Her many tasks include playing, eating Temptations cat treats, lounging on the sofa, using her litter box enthusiastically, and learning about scratching posts.

Penny's favorite piece of furniture is the sofa, especially if it has a cozy blanket. As she becomes more comfortable with her surroundings, she'll sit close by while you binge-watch a Netflix show or read. And from her sofa perch, she can keep an eye on her favorite people and monitor the street outside her window. When she's not being a couch potato, Penny's preferred form of cardio is batting around fuzzy round toys and pouncing on them-especially the ones with bells or catnip.


Penny has her own set of rules about proper social etiquette and will let you know when she needs her alone time. But if you're patient and respect her personal space, you'll be rewarded with Penny's trust and companionship. Once she gives you permission to proceed, she loves scratches on her cheeks, under her chin, and on top of her head. Penny's foster mom thinks Penny is actually a "secret love bug"!


Sweet Penny struggles with other animals in her environment. She has been through a lot in her three short years and is looking for a quiet home where she can have time to adjust and truly feel safe with her forever people. It will take some time, but this gentle soul deserves it so much. Please reach out if you have any questions; we always love talking about Penny!

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