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Meet Foreman

Age: 4.5 years

Sex: M

Pair: Individual 

Adoption fee: $150

Hi! My name is Foreman. I'm really really happy to be in a Paws and Claws foster home. I'm not too cuddly yet- I get scared when people come at me too fast or stand over me. I can get nervous when you try to pet me. If you let me come to you, I will settle down and be very affectionate. It just needs to be on my terms at first.  

My foster says I will end up warming your heart if you can be patient with me. When I want attention, I'll meow at you and run to you so I can self-pet against your legs. I also thrive when I can rely on routine. I like having my own safe space set up.

After my morning meal, I usually find a spot to nap for the day. I like napping near my foster. I love to toss toys when I play and will happily bound after them. After my evening meal, my foster and I always have catnip time. I run when I hear the container shaking! I play, and I feel very affectionate before going to bed.

I would do best with an experienced cat owner who will take the time to get to know me and will be patient. And I don't mind other cats or dogs, so I could go to a home with other pets as long as the home is on the more quiet side. With patience and routine, I will be the best cat ever! 

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