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Meet Cremini

Age: 6.5 years

Sex: F

Pair: Individual 

Adoption fee: $150

If you are looking for a calm, snuggly companion to spend your days with then look no further- Cremini is the perfect girl for you. 

Sweet Cremini loves to be pet and to sit next to you on the days that you just feel like laying around. Her unique meow "scream, as described by her foster mom, will only make you smile and love her tendency to be vocal even more. Although she loves to lounge and take naps, Cremini is always up to play and be silly. Her favorite toys include her Cat Dancer and automatic butterfly toy. Her adorable zoomies will make you laugh at how energetic this affectionate girl can be. 

Cremini is ready to find her forever family. She is nothing but sweet, calm, and loving, and will only bring in more light and love to your home. 

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