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Older Cats on Euthanasia Lists
If these cats are adopted before a set date, their lives cut short in municipal shelters due to overcrowding. These cats are deemed not easily adoptable and many are healthy. Paws and Claws Cat Rescue steps in to provide a second chance for these cats, offering them the opportunity to find loving forever homes and receive the care that they need.
Moms and their neonatal kittens
We take in nursing moms and their delicate newborn kittens, as well as orphaned kittens. Paws and Claws Cat Rescue has assembled a team of dedicated foster homes that are ready to provide the around the clock care care needed during this critical period, ensuring the health and safety of both the mother and her kittens until they’re ready for adoption.
Sick cats
We rescue cats suffering from various illnesses, whether they are temporary conditions or more serious diseases. We’ve rescued cats with fresh wounds and abscesses, those with ringworm, FIP, and treatable conditions that municipal shelters lack the resources to manage such as upper respiratory infections or digestive issues. Our team delivers the required medical care to restore their health, offering these cats an opportunity for happy, healthy lives.
Black cats
Black cats are often overlooked in shelters due to superstitions and biases. Municipal shelters have a harder time adopting out black cats because they’re harder to photograph and they don’t have distinctive features, which leads to them being euthanized. At Paws and Claws Cat Rescue, we believe every cat deserves a loving home, regardless of the social stigma. We work to raise awareness to these harmful biases.
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Cats with chronic medical needs
These cats require ongoing medical attention due to chronic conditions. These conditions include congenital birth defects, kidney disease, Cerebellar Hypoplasia, FeLV, and other long-term health issues. Paws and Claws Cat Rescue ensures they receive the necessary treatment and care, providing them with a quality life and finding families willing to continue their care.
Cats with behavioral quirks
Some of our cats have behavioral quirks that require more socialization and patience than municipal shelters can offer. Some of these cats are shy, anxious, or get overstimulated and bite and scratch at humans or other cats. Paws and Claws Cat Rescue is dedicated to understanding their needs and finding them the right homes where they can thrive.
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Bonded Pairs
Bonded pairs are cats that have formed strong emotional bonds with each other and need to be adopted together. Most bonded pairs were surrendered from the same home, are litter mates, and some have even bonded to other cats in our care. Separating them could cause significant stress and anxiety, so we make sure these pairs are placed in homes where they can continue their companionship.
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