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Meet Cahira & Clancy

Age: 10 months

Sex: F & M

Pair: Pair 

Adoption fee: $150/each

You would never know Cahira had a rough start to life just by meeting her. She is a very energetic and playful kitten. Her favorite activities include chasing after wand toys, playing fetch with pompoms, and wrestling with her brother Clancy. She is a very curious cat who loves spending time with others, so she will sometimes follow you around to see what you are doing.

Clancy is a loving, playful young man. He plays the role of protective older brother by following Cahira around. Clancy balances out his sister’s playful energy by shadowing her and humans for as much attention as he can get. He enjoys spending his time playing with his crinkle toys, hanging out with his sister Cahira, or window-watching.

Cahira and Clancy are a bonded pair and would like to be adopted together, as they do not like being separated for too long. They spend the majority of their day together, either cuddling or playing. They enjoy exploring with each other and getting attention from humans.

Clancy and Cahira get along with cats, kids, and dogs.

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