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Meet Terry! This shy sweetie is looking for a life of quiet companionship, but he doesn't give his love to just anyone! Terry is currently recruiting new members for his exclusive group of trusted humans. Are you ready to become one of the select few?

Terry appreciates slow and gradual introductions while he's adjusting to new people and places. As he settles in, his curiosity will get the better of him, and he'll cautiously start exploring. He'll also reveal that his favorite hobbies include playing with his beloved toy mouse, being petted, and birdwatching.

Terry is also quite the little character. He's chatty and not afraid to let you know when he's hungry. As you pet him, his generous purr tells you how much he treasures your love and attention. His foster mom says Terry's purr is so loud that he could "compete with the cicada chorus outside!. She also describes how he punches at his wand toy "just like a boxer practicing with a punch bag!

After life as a stray, Terry is still a little jumpy with sudden movements and new situations, but he's trying hard to learn to relax. He will thrive in a home where he can have the time and space to adjust to his new surroundings and blossom into his best self.

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