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Have you always wanted a cat that wants to hang out with you and sleep next to you? If you answered yes, then look no further!

Tali is looking for her furever home with a person that is patient and has a big heart to shower her affection. She is a little shy at first but will warm up to you very quickly. Once she gets to know you, she’ll spend her time playing with you and sitting in your lap. Tali’s favorite toy is a catnip mouse! She also loves scratching posts! Tali enjoys afternoon catnaps and will cuddle with you when she’s tired. In the evening, she becomes a “race cat driver” in the house. Get that checkered flag out because she’s winning the zooming race with her meowmobile and strong motor!

Tali will follow you from room to room just to hang out with her favorite human in the galaxy! Please reach out because Tali is so eager to change your life furever!

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