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Susie doesn’t think anything is wrong with being confident - and with her grace we can’t argue with her. Susie loves exploring new places and meeting new people. She is a very outgoing and affectionate cat. If she thinks one of her siblings is getting more attention than she is, she’ll calmly tap your arm to tell you, it’s her turn.

The only thing Susie loves as much as attention is a good nap. She’ll nap just about anywhere, but she loves cuddling up with her siblings. She has a habit of falling into a cat pile with her sister, Molly. She also likes to get some fresh air after her nap by lounging in a window sill.

Mason, Molly, and Susie are a trio of one year old siblings who’ve grown up together. They regularly interact with each other by cuddling, playing together, and spending time together. They all have a very strong bond with each other and would like to be adopted together

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