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Shadow and Joy

Shadow and Joy

Meet Joy and Shadow, a bonded pair of cats. These sisters are very lovable and love to play with each other. Joy is a very social and outgoing cat and enjoys lots of attention. She is a very cuddly and loves being close to you. Joy is very energetic, so you'll find her playing with her toys or teasing her sister most of the day. All of this playing tires her out so she also loves a good nap! Joy is a very adaptable cat and will fit right in at her forever home.

Shadow is a bit more shy, but loves to be with her sister Joy. She is more of a chill and relaxed cat, so she loves having her alone time, but don’t we all! Shadow might be a little nervous when first meeting her, but she warms up quickly and her sweet personality shines through. She is calm but very lovable once she feels comfortable.

Both Shadow and Joy have their own personalities, but together, they are the perfect match. Calm and energetic, affectionate and independent, but very sweet and caring cats. They are looking for their forever home and cannot wait to meet their new owners!

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