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Sawyer is a spunky little sweetie! She is gentle, loving, and playful, as well as social and outgoing. The first day with her foster, Sawyer perched on her shoulder and then cuddled on her chest. “You’ll feel very loved when she’s around,” her foster says. “She gives you all the loving and purrs you could ever want.” Sawyer will play and purr in your ear during the day and snuggle with you beneath the blankets at night! She really enjoys being close to someone.

Also an active ball of energy, Sawyer is often in motion, playing with whatever toy is available, including bottle tops, crinkle balls, and mouse toys. She will drag around a wand toy, toss it in the air, and chase it. Sawyer will also entertain herself, playing on her own in the cutest ways. She goes straight to toys when she sees them, and she can even find toys that have been lost! She also likes chasing and play wrestling with another cat.

An adorable kitten of approximately seven months old, Sawyer is mostly black with the loveliest white patch on her chest. She would be happy to share her love with anyone, whether it is a family, couple, single person, or someone in need of a buddy for their current cat. She is eager to find a new person to adore!

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