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Rodger is a feline full of pep and love. He spends his days alternating between naps and playing, including the cutest zoomies! His favorite toys include Trader Joe’s bags, Costco boxes, and a drumstick with strings attached. Speaking of music, Rodger is totally cool with it; his foster dad plays electric guitar and saxophone, and Roger has no problem with the loud sounds. You could say Rodger is something of a sonic artist himself—he has an adorable repertoire of meows.

Easygoing and affectionate, Rodger loves pets, sitting on your lap, and even being picked up. (Just avoid his tummy—that’s the forbidden zone.) He’s initiated a morning routine with his foster mom, jumping onto her lap and purring and kneading while soaking up the pets. Speaking of laps, Rodger likes to play Superman while he’s lying on one, stretching out his paws like he’s about to take flight.

His foster parents describe him as well-behaved and tidy in the litter box. He’s been known to occasionally jump on undesirable surfaces or scratch undesirable objects, but he stops on command, and his foster parents are teaching him well. They agree that he would do well with another young, active cat and even with human kids. To sum it up, they share, “Rodger is beautiful and funny and sweet! We love him!” We bet you will too.

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