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Robin-A gentle, sweet, silky furred love! Robin's as sweet as they come. She loves humans and her siblings equally. Actually, she sometimes sidles up to her foster mom's senior resident cat to rub against him and get a little affection.

Occasionally, when she's out and about checking out her surroundings, she may play hide-and -go-seek with her foster mom, but as soon as her foster mom stands still and calls to her, Robin will step right up and wait for her to scoop her up. She'll then lay in her arms or sit on her lap, purring contentely.

She's a typical kitten, of course, so she enjoys some tussling with her siblings, running in and out of tunnels, batting around a ball and especially, climbing up and down cat trees!We think that Robin would be a perfect candidate for a home with children, especially kind, patient ones who won't run after her but let her come to them for some loving and attention.

As a young kitten, she'll need at least one other kitten or young cat in her new home, preferably one or more of her siblings (Danica, Andretti, or Arie).We dare you to look deep into the sweet soulful eyes and NOT want to make her part of your forever family!

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