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Meet Puffpuff! Puffpuff is full of kitten energy, and she loves using it playing with her crinkle balls and wand toys and generally being as silly as possible! Puffpuff also loves to cuddle and sleep on laps when she feels more mellow, and can happily match your energy level wherever you are at.

Puffpuff’s journey to the sweet kitten she is today wasn’t always easy. She went through a few trials and tribulations when she was just a week or two old, but nevertheless she pushed through! Puffpuff is a survivor, and is ready to bound through life with some humans in tow.

Puffpuff has a unique bond with her foster sister, Cutie, so they are looking for a forever home as a package deal. The two together are a true dynamic duo that can soften even the coldest of hearts with their sunshiney personalities. This precious kitten is one of the sweetest you will ever meet, and she will love you with all of her heart.

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