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Meet Patsy, a sweet cat with lots of energy! Patsy loves running around and playing, especially with stuffed animals. She's very adventurous and likes exploring new places or things. While she is pretty energetic, she's also got a calm side, which involves her napping and cuddling. She'll snuggle up right next to you when she's ready to take a little break from playing.

Patsy is very affectionate and loves to give lots of kisses on your face. She's also a big fan of belly rubs, so prepare yourself! She likes being with her family, so even if you are busy, Patsy just enjoys the company of being next to you. She has a personality like no other cat and is very loving towards everyone.

Patsy is a beautiful cat, with such a warm and social personality. She is perfect for families and households with kids since she is very playful. Patsy is a very special cat and is excited to find her forever home! She must be adopted by a family with a cat at home or with one of our other solo adoptable kittens.

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