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Molly may not be as confident as her two outgoing siblings, but she loves pets when she warms up to you! She’s a very polite lady who will nuzzle your hand to ask for pets.

While she may not be as eager to push one of her siblings out of the way for lap time, she loves her window time! Molly enjoys watching other animals from the comfort of a window sill.

Molly is also the main snuggle bug. She loves snuggling with Mason and Susie and will often seek them out for cuddles. When she can’t find one of her siblings, she might find a stuffed toy to cuddle with instead. She also likes to play with her siblings and wand toys.

Mason, Molly, and Susie are a trio of one-year-old siblings who’ve grown up together. They regularly interact with each other by cuddling, playing together, and spending time together. They all have a very strong bond with each other and would like to be adopted together.

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