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Little Bit

Little Bit

Meet Bella and Little Bit! These bonded sisters want nothing more than a loving home. They enjoy doing everything together, from sleeping and playing to grooming each other. Both are initially shy but warm up quickly to new people. With patience, they will be purring and enjoying love in no time.

Their foster shared that Bella loves to flop onto the ground, flip around, and really get into playtime. Despite being adults, these ladies still have the energy of kittens when it’s playtime!

Bella and Little Bit would thrive in a comfy moderate to low-energy home. They might initially hide under your bed and be hesitant, however, as they grow more comfortable, they will gain the confidence to explore their surroundings and hang out with you on the couch or in bed. They became the most loving pair in their foster home!

Bella and Little Bit are only four years old and would love to spend the rest of their years lounging with their forever family!

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