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This beautiful black cat, named Lemondrop because of her gorgeous yellow eyes just weaned her six kittens and has been the best mom! She exudes joy and curiosity according to her foster mom.

Lemondrop is such a well-balanced cat--she's playful, but also not overly rambunctious; outgoing and affectionate, but not needy. She's so tolerant and kind to her babies. She loves to play with her wand toy and stands up on her back legs with remarkable balance.

Lemondrop would thrive with other cats and is charming and sweet and ready for cuddles, belly rubs, and snuggles. She uses the scratching post and is very outgoing and affectionate. Lemondrop is a wonderful cat with a dazzling personality. With her wide eyes and sleek coat, she's a true beauty--both inside and out and needs a family to love her like she has loved her kittens.

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