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Like their namesake, Larry and David can be quite hilarious while engaged in comedic antics during playtime when they choose to be. These young, dashing brothers’ furry coats are even more beautiful and softer than they appear in their photos; Larry sports a lovely, white and brownish-tabby coloration while his brother David appears very dapper with his black and white, tuxedo-like pattern.

Both brothers start off a little shy around humans and need a bit of time to warm up to people, though they get along well with other relaxed, calm felines. A good way to get these shy boys to open up is through play. Larry is fond of cat puzzle toys, proving himself to be a smart, problem-solving kitty! David, also wily and cunning, prefers to divert his playful energy towards hunting endeavors, specifically pouncing on toy mice and small, fluffy cat toy balls, and relentlessly stalking and chasing after anything plush or feathery flailing at the end of a cat wand. However, Larry will also often join his brother in his pursuit of “prey” after seeing how much fun David has during his “hunts.”

Larry and David would prefer a home in the company of other similarly-aged felines who possess easygoing, calm demeanors, as well as respectful humans who have the patience and love to allow these wonderful boys’ personalities to shine through at their own pace, and who can also dedicate time to play with them, which is the best way to get to know them. Come visit (and play with!) this dynamic duo at Paws and Claws today!

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