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If you're looking for a feline to melt your heart and spoil you with tons of affection, Junko is the one for you. Once she warms up to you (which only takes several minutes), you can call her by her nicknames, Juno and Junkie. But by then, you'll probably be too occupied with petting her or too over-the-moon with her sitting on your lap. And yes- she even likes to be picked up!

Junko is a sweetie, who often wants your attention. When she's not all cozied up next to you in bed or on your lap, she's quite the ball of energy. Her foster says Junko rarely seems to sleep and is always on the move. She loves to entertain herself with toy mice and catnip, but if you'd like to get in on the action, she is also a sucker for some play time with string toys. When she wants to show you affection, she will let you know by head-bumping your hand for some pets.

Besides pets and quality time, Fancy Feast canned food is another key to Junko's heart. She will thrive in any home.

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