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Jenga is his name! Winning friends and hearts is his game! Jenga is a wonderfully playful, gentle, independent, affectionate, and confident kitty. This feline social butterfly is always happy to be picked up and petted. He also loves sitting on laps!

Jenga always uses his scratching post so don't worry about having to do any other training. That's because he will have YOU trained in no time! You'll learn that he absolutely melts for cheek and head rubs. But if you aren't giving him enough pets, he'll ask for more by grabbing your hand with his paw!

His favorite toy, a feather wand, is perfect for his energetic play. In between play sessions he indulges in his other favorite pastime--snoozing on his window perch.

Are you ready to invite this affectionate and delightful companion into your home? We know you'll fall in love with Jenga as soon as you meet him! You won't be able to resist his charm!

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