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Hippo and Rhino

Hippo and Rhino

Hi, I'm Hippo! I am pretty shy to begin with, but playful once I get to know you. I love to nap and will make sure we get on a schedule together. I love spring and mouse toys! You can tell it's me by my very orange snout! I am a very affectionate, and independent kitty.

Meow! It's Rhino! Like Hippo I am shy and playful. You can use any types of treats to lure me in and I will get comfortable with you in no time. I love napping with my brother Hippo. Mice and the laser toys are all the best for me! My snout has white in it like I dipped my nose in some milk.

Hippo and Rhino are bonded. They need to be together to thrive in their environments. Both of them are very affectionate once given time, and they are known to be the most polite kitties you will ever meet. Adopting cats who are bonded just enhances the experience for everyone involved including the cats. Both boys are about 2-3 yrs old.

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