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Fine little lady Harriet makes her debut into society! This delightful girl carries herself with a sophisticated air-calm and reserved! She spends her days relaxing, as befits a lady of her station. She is affectionate mostly at mealtimes-who wouldn't love white-glove service at every meal?-but appreciates when her foster initiates petting. The rumor mill suspects that, with time, Harriet could bloom into a regular lap cat!

Harriet also boasts many accomplishments-she doesn't mind the cat carrier, scratches only the scratching post, and has a perfect track record with the litter box! No word yet on whether she can play the pianoforte, however.

But really... what's a high-society flower without just a hint of a wild side? Harriet has never galloped moodily on horseback across the foggy English moor, but she does love to play with other cats. By night, she loves to run around playing chase with her foster family's resident cat! A spirited young lady indeed!

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