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Friendly Black Cat

Friendly Black Cat

Meet Friendly Black Cat!

Friendly Black Cat, or FBC for short, is a social and outgoing feline who loves human interaction. This playful and energetic, kind of bossy, yet confident cat, enjoys being petted and will happily sit on your lap for some quality bonding time. She is very affectionate and adores attention, making her a wonderful companion for individuals or families.

FBC enjoys playtime with wand toys and ribbons. She'll even lend a paw to your screen work by positioning herself between you and your phone or computer. While she may be a bit independent, FBC is still a very loving cat who would thrive in a home high with activity.

FBC would also fit well in a home with another young, active cat for extra feline fun. She will even share her favorite wand toys and her duckie with a feline playmate.

If you're looking for a friendly and outgoing companion who will add energy and joy to your home, Friendly Black Cat might be the perfect match for you!

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