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Forest and Willow

Forest and Willow

Forest is one chatty cat! He is a very sweet young man, whose favorite pastimes include playing, cuddling, and having full-blown conversations with those he's close to. He takes a little bit of time to warm up to people, but once he knows you, he'll be our best friend. Forest has a tendency to investigate the other people and animals in his surroundings, and he does not like not knowing where his people are.

Willow is the opposite of her brother. While she also enjoys playing and relaxing at home, she is not a very talkative and she mellows out some of Forest's energy. Willow is much more content to play with her pom pom toy for a few minutes before finding a nice warm spot to curl up in and relax - especially if that spot is in a nearby human's lap or with a stuffed animal.

Despite being so different, Forest and Willow are the closest of friends. They often spend time balancing each other out, with Forest encouraging Willow to play and Willow quieting Forest down for cuddle sessions. This pair would like to be adopted together.

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