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Adorable Earl is a very special young cat looking for a new chance at life.

This precious boy was thrown from a moving vehicle and thankfully ended up in a shelter in Indiana. When we heard his story, we knew we had to help him find the loving home he deserves.

As you can imagine, Earl is a bit hesitant, but his foster mom has had the privilege of watching him open up as he experiences the feeling of love and safety.

Earl appreciates the value of "me time-he adores a sunny window or soft stretch of carpet for sunbathing!-but also loves to hang out with you one-on-one. As his foster mom reports, "When you get home, if you sit down, he'll hop into your lap for attention, and at night, some head scratches will put him right to sleep.

Finding his voice, Earl will meow when he wants food or affection and is even known to nudge his head into hands that look ripe for head-scratching. He's also getting in touch with his playful side and finding comfort in his mouse-on-a-stick toy and his favorite blanket.

Earl's foster mom has watched his transformation, and as his new human, you will have the honor of witnessing his further blossoming into his true self. If you have a big heart and are looking to make a lasting difference in someone's life, we would love for you to meet sweet Earl!

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