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Looking for a low-key, easygoing, whiskered friend? Domino is your man! He's a gentle soul who's longing for a fur-ever family. Domino may be a little shy at first but it won't be long before he's your best pal. You'll quickly see his gentle and affectionate nature shine through.

His wish list includes a peaceful place to lounge and a cozy corner for napping. Ever mindful of maintaining his laid-back image, Domino prefers having his favorite mouse wand toy brought to his side before he starts playing. He believes in saving up plenty of time and energy for appreciating life's quiet moments with his family!

His secret superpower is helping his favorite people relax. Nothing reduces stress quite like Domino snuggling on your lap for pets. And who could resist his loving greeting as he meows and rubs against your leg?

Are you ready to open your heart to Domino and give him the care, comfort, and companionship he truly deserves? Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring this precious kitty home with you!

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