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Dazzle is a social and outgoing little boy who loves being around people. He enjoys being petted and picked up and loves sitting on people's laps. He gets along well with other cats and is always up for playtime with his siblings.

A life with Dazzle means a life filled with joy, laughter, and love. Dazzle will make an ideal companion for almost anyone! This playful and energetic kitten is a brave soul who enjoys playing with his feather wand and various toys.

Dazzle has a funny and goofy side, too. If you're looking for a companion who'll bring joy, laughter, and love into your home, Dazzle is the ideal fit for you. He's affectionate and confident and is in need of a young, active cat in the home to keep up with his playful energy.

Dazzle is such a character that he should have his own TV show. Whenever we see him, we say his catchphrase- "It's Dazzle!"

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