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Please meet Danish! She is a quiet and calm cat who loves to be close to her favorite humans. Danish openly shares her affectionate and loving personality. Her foster mom shared that Danish often greets her when she comes home, placing her two front paws on her and pressing her head against her. She also likes to fall asleep next to her foster mom on the couch with her belly up and her teeth sticking out a little bit, with the added benefit of teaching her that couches are best for napping. Such a sweetie!

Danish loves being near her humans, showing curiosity in what they are doing, but she also likes to have some independence. Instead of getting picked up and carried, she prefers to follow her humans around the house and receive gentle pets on her neck and head.

While Danish prefers a good nap or cuddle, when she is in the mood for play, she enjoys chasing little toy balls, demonstrating her agile and graceful abilities. It might also come in handy to have a toy ball nearby during a petting session in case she decides she is feeling frisky and it is time for play! In addition to playing, Danish finds a lot of enjoyment watching water pour into the bathtub and then likes to hop into the tub after it is drained and still warm. So brave for a cat to go so close to water!

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