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Meet Cutie, this outgoing and silly kitten loves being picked up and sitting on your lap. She has a bold spirit, exploring places that her siblings find intimidating, and her fearless nature means she's always up for an adventure.

Cutie adores her people, spreading out on a comfy lap once she's done with her explorations. Her sweet and playful nature ensures she'll make you laugh with her antics. Bottle-fed as a baby, Cutie believes every person she meets is a new best friend, ready for play and cuddles.

She has a special bond with her foster sister, Puffpuff, and they must find their forever home together. Cutie loves playing with her siblings and her humans, eating more than you'd expect from such a tiny kitten, and getting pets and ear rubs from her favorite people.

This delightful little girl is a true ray of sunshine, curious and bold, she will steal your heart! Her favorite toys include feather wands, cat dancers, and crinkle balls.

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