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You would be hard-pressed to find two kittens more deserving of a loving home than Camden and Noodle. Camden was rescued less than an hour before his euthanasia deadline. He had a severe eye infection and no vision. It was likely he would lose both of his eyes. While his eyes began to improve with treatment, he began to show signs of a ringworm infection. About two weeks later, Noodle was taken in as a ringworm-positive kitten.

These two have grown inseparable in the last two months while being treated for their ringworm infections. They've braved medicated baths and daily medications with remarkable resilience and kitten playfulness. Once they began feeling better, their true personalities started to shine through. Camden is affectionate, curious, and very food-motivated. Noodle is the silliest cat you'll ever meet; she earned her name with her happy wiggles that make it seem like she has no bones!

They are now healthy and so ready to find their forever home. Adding this dynamic duo to your home will be one of the best choices you could make!

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