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Buttercup is a delightful, outgoing, and social cat looking for her forever home. With her warm and affectionate personality, she is sure to win your heart and become the perfect addition to your family.

Buttercup thrives on human attention and loves being petted and picked up. She enjoys the company of other cats and dogs, making her an excellent companion for multi-pet households.

Her playful and energetic nature is balanced by moments of calm and gentleness, ensuring she's always ready for a cuddle, playing with her scratch post, or her toys. She knows what she likes and can be particular about her food at times, but this just adds to her charming personality. She has perfect kitty manners with impeccable litter box habits and minimal fuss when it comes to her carrier.

Buttercup would flourish in various home settings, making her a fantastic fit for many different types of families.

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