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Bubbles is a true sweetheart. Just the right combo of calm and playful, you might find him coming to curl up on your lap or entertaining himself by playing with his beloved toy mice and fuzz balls. (Watch out, Pele—he’s quite the soccer player!) He’s got a precious chirp of a meow, which he’ll use to let you know if he wants more attention or belly rubs.

Bubbles has a touch of skittishness which may just be a reaction to some aggression from his foster sister, a feisty fellow kitty. (When he needs a reprieve, he’ll create his own sanctuary under the bed or the couch.) But Bubbles is a lover—even though his kitty companion hisses and hits, he still makes attempts to play with her and sometimes even tries to peck her on the nose! He is definitely cat-friendly!

It may take him a while to warm up, but once he does, you’ll know the glory of Bubbles’ affection. His foster mom describes him as “quite the lap cat” and “one of the sweetest cats I’ve fostered!”

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