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Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Meet Bon Jovi! This calm, distinguished gentleman is looking for a home that will share his appreciation for a relaxed lifestyle. Jovi is a little shy at first, but underneath his initial reserve you'll discover a down-to-earth, gentle soul with lots of love to give. Once he's comfortable, he shows his affection by following his favorite people around the house and sticking close by. Jovi will even come when called (especially for treats)!

Jovi's favorite activities include sleeping, looking out of windows, and occasionally playing with his favorite ribbon. Always sociable, he doesn't mind being picked up, likes sitting on laps, and enjoys being petted. Ears, scruff, and chest scratches are always welcome! Jovi also enjoys being brushed, but even more than that, Jovi loves food!

If he could talk, Jovi would tell you that he loves relaxing even more than playing! Anytime is a good time to take it easy! If you're watching your favorite TV show, talking on the phone, or reading a book, Jovi will be napping close by.

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