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Biscuit Man

Biscuit Man

Meet Biscuit Man! She absolutely adores being around people and craves attention. This playful and lively cat has only two modes - either she's totally knocked out or entirely energetic. She has the most comical sleeping positions, like hanging halfway off the couch or lying on her back, showing off her belly.

One of Biscuit Man's favorite things to do is to play with her wide array of toys, including catnip mouse, catnip donut, wand toy, and laser mouse. She's also quite chatty and loves to engage in conversations, especially when asked questions. Her high-pitched meow is both expressive and comical, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Biscuit Man would do best in an environment where she can receive gentle, loving attention, have playtime, and fully express her energetic personality.

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