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And the winner of the “Wonder Kitten” award goes to . . . Beret! You’ll wonder how so much fun and spunkiness fits into such a tiny kitten. Social, independent, and a bundle of playful energy, she is the life of the party. She’s thriving in her foster home and discovering so many fun things to do. As she grows more comfortable, Beret’s true kitten-self is coming through. She maintains a good work/life balance by relaxing like she’s on vacation in Hawaii—chilling in the cat tree and enjoying gentle breezes from the windows. Sometimes you’ll find her lounging on the floor near her foster family.

You’d never know his little one had a rough start in life. Beret had one eye removed due to a severe infection. She’s understandably a little jumpy when approached or when there’s sudden movement. But this setback hasn’t affected her confidence and enthusiasm for life. Beret feels so much better now and is determined to make up for lost time.

Feathery wands and coiled plastic springs are the best. She absolutely adores when other cats play or groom her. She’ll even climb on top of them while they’re in catloaf position. And ever energetic, Beret curls up under one of her favorite foster cats and uses her back paws to push against her cat buddy’s face. She’s fascinated by her foster home’s bunny and sometimes can’t help but chase it around.

She loves her people and being petted but is still affectionate and a sweetie on her own terms. Beret is getting used to being picked up and learning that all this cuddling stuff might not be so bad after all. She climbs over her foster mom and sleeps next to her at night.

With all her energy and enthusiasm, Beret would do best with another young, playful cat to run around with. Don’t miss the opportunity to take home this spunky girl!

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