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Arie- In Hebrew, Lion and in Greek means, Superior! That's Arie! The heart of a lioness! A superior little girl who's strong, brave, and just a little daring!

Arie is an independent girl but likes some attention from her humans and siblings, too. Arie enjoys playtime batting around balls, toy mice and springs, as well as chasing in and out of kitty tunnels and up and down cat trees. And you can't beat a good ball track toy for fun, whether alone or with a willing sibling!

When she needs a little break, you might find her curled up with one of her siblings or by herself on a comfy tree 'branch' or on a blanket. She also might let a human pick her up for a few cuddles and a petting session!

As a young kitten, she'll need at least one kitten or young kitty playmate. This girl is willing and ready to share her heart and her cuteness with her 'purrfect' family! Is that you?

Arie would like to be adopted with one her siblings, Andretti, Robin or Danica.

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